Advising at 黄金城手机版-Cascades

Zoom, email or in-person advising appointments are available for continuing students at 黄金城手机版-Cascades. Find details at Academic Advisors.

Academic advisors assist you in long and short-term academic and career planning. They provide information on curricula, educational and experiential options within your college and the university, schedule planning, and help interpret university and departmental requirements.

Advisors are assigned by the major you have declared.  

Check with the 黄金城手机版-Cascades Enrollment Services if you are unsure who your major academic advisor is.

黄金城手机版-Cascades follows the 黄金城手机版 Academic Advising mission, vision, and values.

(Please note: If you are not yet admitted and applying to 黄金城手机版-Cascades, please contact an admissions advisor for admission and program questions. New students, including transfer students, begin their academic advising process by registering to attend a required new student orientation where they will meet with an academic advisor.)

University Exploratory Studies Program

Check out the exploratory student website for information on how to explore and decide on a major at 黄金城手机版-Cascades.

By working in partnership with 黄金城手机版-Cascades Career Development Center and their advisor, undecided students will explore personal interests, goals, and values, with the goal of selecting a major that incorporates all of these important elements.